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• Thera Med was founded in 1992, as a means of giving South African physiotherapists access to a

wider range of equipment and products.


• Starting with Thera Band, we soon became the South African agents for Italy’s Ledraplastic, a

global leader in the design and manufacture of Gymnic balls as well as many other products for

physiotherapy, pilates, biokinetics and general fitness, including our own Fitband range.


• To date, Thera Med remains the exclusive agency in Southern Africa for both the Gymnic

brand, as well as the latest precision therapeutic devices from the USA’s Mettler Electronics



• Alongside an array of imported products, Thera Med offers locally-produced pilates and

rehabilitation equipment manufactured to our exacting standards.


• As well as stocking books and DVD’s authored by global leaders in the fitness community, we

offer several courses annually as a means of refreshing and enhancing your knowledge on how

to keep your clients fit and active.


• Our reputation for service and, most importantly, after-sales service is something we value

highly and for this, we are most grateful to both our established and new clients.

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